Health & Wellness Outreach

Parish Nurse Program

To assist our parishioners in health maintenance, nurses from our parish offer blood pressure checks after all Masses on the 2nd weekend and by request. They are available to answer questions and make referrals to local agencies. For more information contact Judy duffy at 399-6321 or E-mail Mary Caputo at 

Visitors and Meals to the Homebound

The ladies who furnish food for funeral receptions and for the Rainbow Table have added another dimension to these ministries. Meals can be provided to those needing interim assistance following illness and surgery. Arrangements can also be made for occasional assistance for longer term needs. If you need help in this area, please call the Parish Office at 342-8861. For more information contact Mary Lou Sheehan at 399-0578 or Mary Caputo at 342-8861 or E-mail at

Communion Ministry to the Homebound and Hospitalized

This ministry is offered to provide spiritual care to our ill and/or homebound parishioners. It includes providing Communion, prayer, annointing and other support. Father Ed and Mary Caputo visit the "active" shut-in list weekly. We try to see recent surgeries, the hospitalized and those with new meds. Several individuals take Communion to nursing homes in our sector of town on a weekly basis.

If you are in the hospital and would like a visit from Father Larry Gearhart or Mary Caputo, please call the Parish Office. Patient privacy laws make it increasingly more difficult to locate parishioners in the Hospital.  A sincere effort is made by the parish staff to visit hospitalized parishioners. However, without you or your family notifying us, it is unlikely we will know of your admission. If you or a family member is unable to attend Mass, even temporarily, call the Parish Office at 342-8861 to arrange for Holy Communion to be brought to your home. For more information call Mary Caputo at 342-8861 or Email at

Connecting Threads

This ministry was started to meet a two-fold need: 1) to let people know that the Parish is thinking of and praying for them, and 2) to give people an opportunity to be involved in and connected to the Parish. We handcraft prayer shawls, lap robes, baby blankets, etc. for people in need of comfort or prayers. A prayer is offered for the intention of the recipient when an item is started, prayers are said while working on them, and a prayer is offered at the completion of the project. These items are created for comfort to people during difficult times - whether illness, personal troubles, or the loss of a loved one, as well as joyous times like the birth of a child.

The members of Connecting Threads work on their own at this time. Patterns are provided if desired, although any pattern may be used. When the items are completed, periodically they will be gatherd at a Mass to be blessed by Father and the community. Anyone interested in receiving one or knowing of a recipient can contact Mary Caputo the Parish Nurse at 342-8861.

For more information call Bev Sewell at 390-1476 or Email at or Peg Haemmerle at 399-0590 or E-mail at  .

Care Network

This ministry was devloped to provide physical, spiritual and emotional care to grieving families. Four teams of volunteers rotate a ministry to offer lunch for grieving families following the funeral Mass. Each team is led by two women who order meat/cheese trays, make coffee and drinks, set-up/clean-up, and call others to make salads, vegetables, desserts, and casseroles. This group has been called upon for occasions other than funeral luncheons, such as receptions following special liturgies. For more information or contact Mary Caputo at 342-8861 or E-mail at

Funeral Mass Planning

An appointed time is established, at the convenience of the family when possible, to choose Scripture readings and music for the Funeral Mass. Funeral liturgies are planned in accordance with guidelines established by the Order of Christian Funerals. Experienced family members, when willing, may participate by doing scripture readings. Following the planning meeting, the musicians are notified and other coordinating factors are put into action. St. Teresa Parish will ordinarily provide Altar Servers, Eucharistic Ministers, and Scripture Readers. Funeral programs are also provided. For more information contact Mary Caputo at 342-8861 or E-mail at