Health & Wellness Outreach

Parish Nurse Program

To assist our parishioners in health maintenance, nurses offer blood pressure checks after Mass on the second Sunday of the month and by request. They are available to answer questions, but do not take the place of regular visits to your doctors.


Communion Ministry to the Homebound and Hospitalized

This ministry is offered to provide spiritual care to our ill and/or homebound parishioners. It includes Holy Communion, prayer and Sacramental Anointing. The priests and other parish staff visit upon request.

Nursing homes and retirement communities in our area are visited by volunteers on a weekly basis.

If you or a family member are unable to attend Mass, even temporarily, call the Parish Office so we can follow up or visit you. We will pray for you at Mass, however, due to privacy laws, at your request only. We cannot accept requests from friends or anonymously.



The National Alliance for the Mentally Ill hosts a support group for families in our church basement on the fourth Thursday of each month at 7 p.m. Elevator access is available.


Connecting Threads

This ministry was started to meet a two-fold need: 1) to let people know that the parish is thinking of and praying for them, and 2) to give people an opportunity to be involved in and connected to the parish. We handcraft prayer shawls, lap robes, baby blankets, etc. for people in need of comfort or prayers.

A prayer is offered for the intention of the recipient when an item is started, prayers are said while working on them, and a prayer is offered at the completion of the project. These items are created for comfort to people during difficult times - whether illness, personal troubles, or the loss of a loved one, as well as joyous times like the birth of a child.

The members of Connecting Threads work on their own at this time. Patterns are provided if desired, although any pattern may be used. When the items are completed, periodically they will be gathered at a Mass to be blessed by Father and the congregation. Anyone interested in receiving one or knowing of a recipient can contact Mary Caputo at 342-8861 ext. 512.

Bereavement Committee

This ministry prepares and provides a meal for our parishionersfamilies after the funeral Mass of a loved one, in our handicap accessible church basement. Volunteers are always needed to help set up, cook, serve and clean up.

At times circumstances arise where we are unable to provide either a venue or sometimes unable to provide a meal. We are able to provide you with a list of local caterers.

Funeral Mass Planning

As Catholics the greatest prayer we offer is the Holy Mass. So it is appropriate that faithful believers celebrate the lives of deceased loved ones with the prayer of the Mass. During the past decades, following Vatican ll, liberties have been taken with the Mass structure that detract from the flow of the liturgy and the focus and solemnity of the Mass. Weve come to expect a personalized memorial with music, photos, stories and mementos, with elements of the Mass sprinkled in.

When you request a Mass of Christian Burial for your loved one, that is what you can expect. Mass-as we know it. Family may choose music from any of the available hymnals, but the music will be liturgical music.

Our professional organist and practiced cantors enhance the sacredness of the Mass. The homily will focus on the resurrection of the dead and the hope of eternal life. The celebrant will personalize his homily, since hopefully he has had a relationship with the deceased. If that is not the case, he will seek information from you. The family may choose scripture readings and designate readers. Readers should be practicing Catholics who speak clearly. It is best that readers are not pressured or emotional.

The reception of the Holy Eucharist can be an awkward time when your family members are not practicing, active Catholics. If they do not regularly attend Mass, they should refrain from the reception of Holy Communion. Non-Catholics should obviously not receive. There is a clear explanation of the guidelines on the inside back cover of the Missalette.

The Mass is not the appropriate time or place for individuals to share stories, "eulogies", "testimonies" or "remarks" about the deceased. According to the Order of Christian Funerals, this should be done at the funeral home vigil, at the cemetery or at the family gathering following committal. While this practice has become accepted and expected, it is not within the guidelines for a Mass of Christian Burial.

Catholics take the Holy Mass and burial of our dead seriously. Much effort is taken in planning to preserve the sacredness of the funeral Mass. If you find that the structure of the Mass is not what you desire for your loved ones ceremony, especially if your loved one was not a practicing Catholic, it is possible to have a Catholic Funeral Liturgy at the funeral home. In that setting, there is more latitude with music, photos and sharing of stories. In any case, we are available to assist you with planning a funeral mass or funeral home service when the time comes.

For more information contact Mary Caputo at 342-8861 or email at mary.caputo@bizwoh.rr.com